🠈  About Carbon Color  🠊

The goal of the Utah Color project is to promote local web development and community awareness.

I began the project by buying domains for select communities in the Beehive State. I used the catchy domain "" for Carbon County.

My business model was to give free links to local concerns and pay for the site with affiliate ads. Sadly, the amount I received from the affiliate ads was less the the cost of renewing the domain names.

So, I decided to change the focus of the project. Rather than using individual domains, I will use the base domain and add a subdirectory for each county in the state.

I still have hosting fees and business costs. I will keep the affiliate ads, but added direct advertising feature where local business owners can displace the affiliate ads. The price I ask is $25 for 100,000 ad impressions. You can order the ads here.

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